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Reduced Price Yari!

We have a Used Alverez Yari in stock that has been reduced from $1795 to $1395. Now is the time to get your hands on an excellent instrument with amazing tone!!!



We have a new ZONDA trumpet in stock that is priced to sell for any beginning student or brass player looking for an instrument to take on the road. At $379 it is a great find for anyone on a budget. 


New Indiana Guitars In Stock!!!!

We recently recieved a shipment of new guitars from SHS international, This company is based out of Indianapolis and carries the "Indiana" brand guitar. We now have several new additions from this brand in stock and they are looking good. Great for the beginner or someone looking to pick up an inexpensive guitar that doesnt flop on quality. 

  First up is the runt series of guitars. This pint sized punchers are great for the young kids looking to start playing guitar. Coming in at just 34 inches from bottom to top, these Runts are the perfect size and price for the early beginner. 

 Next up we have the Colt and Pinto guitars. These Instruments are 36 inches from top to bottom and are great for kids or people looking for a smaller guitar. Great for travel, or just having around, these 3/4 size guitars are a great find. 

 a good example of the size difference. 

Next in our new arrival line up is the Quilted top Madison and Dakota Guitar lines. Coming in a variety of colors and styles we have have both Acoustic and Acoustic/Electrics in stock. The Cut aways on the Acoustic/Electric add ease of playing in those higher ranges, and the input controls assist in customizing your sound. The dakota is a strait up acoustic in the Quilted Blue and adds a beautiful style to any players arsenal. 

If you are from indiana half of you will love this new addition, the other half will want to smash it! These "College Rocks" Series of guitars feature all the major universites from the United States and we have in stock the prefered Alma Mater of Indiana, reguardless of whether or not you would want to showcase this beauty or smash it on for good luck on game day, these are a must have for any serious fan. 

 for those with a more Classical taste we have in the Ic-25, a very affordable Classical guitat. With its no frills design this Classical is meant for strait up musicianship. 

This is a taste of the new lineup of guitars are are now carrying, all of them are under $200 dollars in price. So dont sacrifice your wallet this holiday season for a quality instrument, shop with a local store and save!!!




Why real teachers are better than videos and books alone By. Susan Caraway

Susan Caraway our resident woodwind teacher wrote a short essay on the advantages of having a real teacher rather than trying to teach yourself from videos or books alone. 

Why Real Teachers Are Better than Videos and Books Alone
By Susan Caraway
It is obvious that technology has changed in many ways through the years.  It has even changed the way we enjoy our music.  We changed from records to eight tracks, to cassette tapes, to CDs, to mp3s and digital downloads for the music we listen to.  It has also given us many ways to learn and teach music.  There are books, DVDs, and websites that give instructions.  Technology is great but even it has its limits.  When learning about music and new instruments we tend to want to just look it up on the web or get a book.  However, there is a case to be made where having a real live music instructor is the best way to learn.
1.   Helps develop social skills.
It is really easy these days to bury our noses in our TVs, computers, tablets, and phones and not even have to talk to the person next to us.  When children take lessons they have to interact with another human being and develop good social skills.  They will have to answer questions and ask questions which means they have to be clear in their explanations.
2.  Can isolate the specific problems of each individual student.
Instructional videos and books can help students when they are practicing on their own but the instructors cannot see if a student is having problems they need help with.  Some students may be blowing on the instrument wrong or have their fingers in the wrong place and not even realize it.  Having the instructor in the same room helps because they will see the mistake and will take the time to stop and correct it before it becomes a problem. Some students may struggle with rhythm while others with fingerings or note names.  The instructor will then spend extra time on that specific area to make it stronger.
3.  Can spot the deer in the headlights look.
Sometimes instructions can be confusing; and if the video or book only has one way of explaining the instructions it can become quite frustrating.  The student will either find it difficult to move forward or spend extra time trying to find another video or book with the answers they are looking for.  When the teacher is in the room with the student the teacher will know if the student understands.  They are able to spot the deer in the headlights look and determine a second way to explain what the student does not understand.  You get a new explanation instantaneously.
4.  Encourages repetition.
Practice makes perfect and for a perfect practice you need to practice the same exercises over and over again.  Students (especially young ones) tend to want to spend the majority of their practice time playing only the exercises they find fun or easy.  If they do practice the harder or newer material they will only do so for a couple of minutes and usually do it in a rush so they can get it over with.   A teacher who listens and plays along with the student will defiantly know when a student has not practiced enough.  Teachers will isolate the exercises the student struggles with and work with them in the lesson over and over again.  Therefore, either the student will get better during the lesson or they will get tired of the teacher making them do this and learn to have their music properly prepared.
5.  Can teach you alternate fingerings and skills.
Sometimes by learning on our own we do not realize that there could be different ways to play a note/chord or that there are little tricks we can use to make a piece of music easier for us.  Sometimes there are two different ways to finger a note but the student will only want to use the one because it is the one they can remember or they think it is the “easier” one.  Only knowing the one fingering limits students and can cause some very awkward hand movements. Awkward hand movement eats up time and when playing a faster piece of music you do not want to waste time. Students could also get a third note in between the two notes they are trying to play and nobody wants to hear an out of place note in their favorite piece of music.  Teachers will make their students use the proper fingerings and show them any extra little tricks that will help them.  Therefore, this will become second nature for the student.  The student will then know when to use which fingering and will be comfortable and confident in using it.
6.  Can prepare you for solos, recitals, contests, and auditions.
For many middle school and high school students there are plenty of musical activities they can participate in.  Whether they are playing in a group or playing a solo, teachers can help a lot.  The teachers can play along with the student and help them know how their part should sound. Chances are that your private teacher has done many solos, recitals, contest, and auditions themselves and have great experiences in knowing what to do and what not to do. This also leads us to number 7 on the list.
7.  We have been in the students shoes before.
Teachers were students once too.  Teachers themselves have gone through the solos, recitals, contests, and auditions.  They know what it is like and can explain how they work, what the student should be worried about and what they shouldn’t be worried about.  For older students who would like to study music in college the teachers will have great advice since they have either gone through college auditions before themselves or have already helped other students prepare for them before.  Also, since teachers have been practicing for most of their lives they know what it feels like to struggle in their practices.  They understand how frustrating it can be but also know what must be done to reach the goal of becoming a good musician.  Teachers know when to give tough love and when to encourage students.  It is hard to have that kind of relationship with a video or book since the student can just turn it off or close it when they want to give up.
8.  We are fun people; we can rock out with you!
While accompaniment CDs are great it is always more fun to play with another person.  Unless they are part of a band students do not usually take their instrument to a friend’s house to just jam.  Playing along with an experienced instrumentalist raises the bar and encourages students to want to get better.
9.  Teachers make great contacts and references for future endeavors.
For college and getting a job it is important to have contacts.  Teachers can write letters for colleges and be put down for references.  Also, teachers have other contacts themselves and keep their current and former students in mind.  When they hear there is a position in a band or group available they could pass the word to the students.  Many band directors hire former, accomplished students as staff to help them with their marching bands.
Side note:  When students take private lessons it does not just improve the student but it improves the bands in our school systems.  Some schools cannot afford more than one band director or extra help for the band.  As great as our band directors and music teachers in the schools are it is near impossible for them to know everything about every instrument.  By taking private lessons students can get that extra help and individualized attention from someone who knows a great deal about their instrument or section.  Help keep music in the schools.



Special Recording Means Special Musical Gifts!

Now is the time to record some special, custom music for your loved ones, family, and friends. Thanks to our fully equipped, state-of-the-art recording studio, we would love to help you put together a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will be welcomed and cherished for years to come.

Whether it's the grandchildren singing some Christmas carols for the grandparents, or even a garage band producing a cool album for friends, this is the perfect gift for the holidays.

We can record your music to your specifications, including multiple tracks, instrumentation, and arrangements, as well as CD graphics production. Call us today to set up your recording appointment!


Thanks for Your Business...Cash or Check, Please!

Although debit and credit cards are a convenience these days, we’ve got to level with you...those processing fees are killing us! If at all possible, we request that you make your purchases here by cash or check...and leave the plastic as a last resort. It will help us keep our costs down and our doors open - thank you so much! We appreciate your business...thanks for shopping at Hometown Music!


Why Play Music?

At Hometown Music, we really believe in bringing out the music in everyone!
We think that music isn’t just for the select few who make it big on American Idol or The X-Factor…but is something that everyone can enjoy – whether it’s singing, playing a musical instrument, keeping the beat on some percussion, or just humming along.
We’re here to make music available to all…with musical instruments for every price range, private lessons for every age, and sheet music for every level and interest.
Kids and Music: Compelling Evidence
Early exposure to and active involvement with music helps children in a myriad of ways. So much so, in fact, that it’s a mystery as to why more parents don’t take full advantage of this readily available resource. Here are just a few of the benefits of musical education, beginning in infancy and continuing into adulthood.
Early Childhood
  • Musical training actually changes the brain, enabling it to form the new neural connections needed for speech, language, memory, attention, and personal expression.
  • Working with musical sounds helps the brain to adapt, thus enhancing overall learning.
  •  Premature babies hearing 30 minutes of Mozart a day grew far more rapidly than those who did not.              
Elementary School
Young children with developed rhythm skills do better in school in the primary grades than children without these skills.
  • Music education leads to improved achievement, attitudes, and behavior in the classroom.
  • Musical training helps children with learning disabilities by helping them to focus better in the midst of background noise.
  • Playing musical instruments enhances children’s cognitive development, builds their confidence and self-discipline, and helps them to make friends and enjoy relationships with others.
  • The study of music helps children to master advanced math concepts, especially the proportional math (fractions, ratios, proportions) so important for advancement to higher level mathematics, such as trigonometry, analytic geometry, and calculus.
  • Kids who study music tend to have a wider vocabulary and better reading skills.                                    
Middle and High School
  • Middle school and high school band students perform better on standardized tests than students with no instrumental music education.
  • The number of years of instrumental music instruction correlates strongly with academic achievement in math, science, and language arts.
  • Music participants receive more academic honors and awards than non-music students, along with higher grades overall.
Post High School and College
  • The most likely group of college grads to be admitted to medical school are music majors.
  • College-age musicians enjoy greater emotional health, including less test-related performance anxiety, less alcohol abuse, and greater emotional stability.
  • Music majors consistently score the highest in reading among all majors including English, biology, chemistry, and math.
Lifelong Benefits
  • Arts education programs can help improve American education and better prepare people for work in the 21st century, say many top American business executives (“The Changing Workplace is Changing Our View of Education,” Business Week, October 1996).
  • People suffering from excessive blood pressure experience dramatic reductions in hypertension by listening to classical, Celtic, or Indian (raga) music once a day on a regular basis. Playing an instrument or singing also helps reduce excessive blood pressure.
  • Playing a musical instrument exercises the brain and helps fight memory loss.
  •  Lifelong musicians experience less stress, less depression, and less loneliness.
(The above information was obtained from www.nammfoundation.org, the home page of the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation.)
Ways to Begin
All it takes is a decision!
Whether it’s providing musical enrichment for toddlers or preschoolers, offering music lessons for kindergartners through adults, or finding the perfect musical instrument or music book, we’re here to help you reach your musical goals.
Why play music? It’s so fun! Something fun for everyone!
Why play music? Let’s all start - song to song and heart to heart.
Let’s play music, one and all - you’re guaranteed to have a ball!

A Friendly Reminder

Here at Hometown Music, it gives us great joy to help our students get the most out of their musical instruction. Weekly lessons are important to building daily habits of practice. It is this regular discipline of practice, along with weekly review, instruction, and accountability that has enabled students to enjoy the most success in mastering music in general and their instrument in particular.

We greatly value the time and resources that our students are investing in their musical education, and we honor the commitment they are making. This includes a regular, weekly lesson time agreed upon in advance both by the student and the teacher. In order to best serve all of our students, Hometown Music will continue to provide weekly private lessons only, for the current monthly rate of $80.00. We regret that we are unable to make exceptions to this long-standing policy, such as bi-monthly lessons or other non-weekly arrangements.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding. Again, it is our pleasure to provide quality music education for the residents of our area, so that all may have the opportunity to enjoy making music for a lifetime!



Sharpen Up on Music Theory

If you're looking for a way to beef up your music theory skills, we have the perfect website resource for you! Found at www.musictheory.net, this wonderful website will take you through the basics of music theory, with a wide variety of self-paced tutorials to choose from.

You can easily review everything from key signatures to intervals to chord inversions. Many of the lessons also include audio of notes and scales, along with the excellent and clear graphics and step-by-step explanations of each topic. 
Check out MusicTheory.net today!



Pick a Chord...Any Chord

No more searching for the Lost Chord with the fantastic website Chord House, found at http://looknohands.com/chordhouse/. Whether for piano or guitar, this website has it all. Just one click on the link above will take you to its homepage. From there, you can navigate through a number of different musical rooms according to your interests and needs.

In the Piano Room, you’ll find easy-to-read keyboard diagrams for all scales and chords in all 12 key signatures…and then hear them played.

In the Guitar Room (Easy), you can find any chord in any key, and with every possible fingering located up and down the neck of your guitar. If you’ve been wondering what an augmented, diminished, suspended, or even a major or minor seventh chord sounds like, this website allows you to choose a certain chord and then hear it played on a variety of guitars (classical/nylon, acoustic/steel, and electric jazz, clean, or muted guitar). All chords may be printed out or e-mailed directly to you.

The Guitar Room (Advanced) truly lives up to its name, with its wide variety of standard and alternative tunings (drop, double-drop, open, modal, minor, custom, and others) and scales (major, harmonic minor, melodic minor, chromatic, whole tone, pentatonic, octatonic, exotic/international and others). All scales can be diagrammed for the right or left hand as well as bass string on the top or bottom. As with the other two Rooms, you can listen to everything - quite educational and fun!


Have Fun While Learning More About Music

Ahoy, kids! Be sure to check out this fun website, http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/music_and_art_games/music_and_art_games_musical_notes.html. When you go there, you'll find all kinds of fun stuff to do, not only with music but with art, nature, science, geography, and math too! Just click on the various icons on the website and you'll be having more fun than you ever thought you could!