Meet Our Teachers!

Cyrus Winkler - Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Cyrus or "Cy" is an experienced musician who has been playing and performing for over thirteen years. He is eager to take on students for Guitar, and to share his musical knowledge. He has been assisting in running the sound board for over five years at the Holland United Methodist church, and teaching young children in the Church's K.I.C. program in the fall and spring. Cy played for the Southridge Marching Raider band, and attened College gutiar classes while at Vincennes University.  His Musical experience spans playing the Flute, Baritone, Guitar, and he is currently challenging himself on Viola and Violin. He has much to offer the students of Hometown and is ready to teach them all he knows. 



Meet other Teachers !

Paul Vance - Percussion, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Woodwinds, and Brass
Beth Vance - Piano
Susan Caraway - Woodwinds
Cyrus Winkler - Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Kim McConnell piano